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'You are so kind and nonjudgmental. It just takes a sentence or two and...BAM! I reconnect with saner ways of thinking about my body that I KNOW I can access. You remind me of it!'

           -Margot, a client.

'Tamar excels at critical thinking skills, asking appropriate questions, and using sound judgment. '

-Diane, RD, CSG, Clinical Consultant Dietitian.

'Let's start a walking group!'

-Participant, after our 2017 nutrition and fitness workshop.

'For the first time ever, I feel totally in control and have a whole new outlook on life. I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and was constantly depressed; sugary foods like cookies, ice cream and cake were my comforters. Thank you, Tamar for changing the way I look at food and for helping me develop permanent changes to my lifestyle.'

-Gail, a client.

'Your class is so chill!'

-Undergraduate student, Touro University.

Tel: 310-277-3579

West Los Angeles

California, USA

West Los Angeles

California, USA

Tamar Rothenberg

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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