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The 5 surprising foods to eat to reduce cancer risk

February is National Cancer Prevention Month. Cancer strikes for many reasons, including family history, genetic risk factors, diet, smoking, and environmental triggers. We can't do much about some of these risk factors.

For example, in the U.S., age is the highest risk factor for cancer. Among the 65 and over group, 60% have been touched by cancer. That's not necessarily a bad thing, because it means we are living longer. More importantly, that age group also has a similar 60% percentage of cancer survivors. Cancer does not mean a death sentence, and there is still much we can do to protect ourselves.

Graphic for free handout on foods to eat to reduce cancer risk

As a Dietitian, I can guide you in the foods that are protective, and may prevent chronic diseases and the inflammation that may lead to cancer. So in the spirit of Cancer Prevention Month, I invite you to download your free copy of the 5 Surprising Foods to Eat to Reduce your Risk of Cancer. You may already be eating some of these foods!

There are no guarantees in life and we all have a certain cancer risk. My philosophy is that all foods you love fit. I can help you select the best choices among the foods you now enjoy, whether you want to prevent cancer, or a recurrence. Take action to protect yourself a little more, and feel good in your journey.

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